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The Plain Language Commission’s review of the Clear Writing Club and StyleWriter:

The Plain Language Commission's review of the Clear Writing Club and StyleWriter “In more than 30 years of running face-to-face writing courses, I’ve seen nothing as effective as StyleWriter in delivering long-term writing improvement. No other editing software comes close.” Martin Cutts. Martin Cutts the Plain Language Commission’s Editing Director has worked in the plain-English movement since the mid-1970s. He is one of the most experienced plain-English editors in the UK, with more than 40 years’ work in the field.

Professional worldwide editing services and the Clear English Standard

Reaching your target audience means using plain and persuasive English. The Plain Language Commission is designed to help businesses, government bodies and individuals improve their written communications.

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When you take out membership to our Clear Writing Style  Club you can use the Clear Writing Style seal on your documents and websites.  Once a member, you can put the seal on as many documents as you want if they pass StyleWriter’s Clarity Check by scoring over 70 on the Clarity Index.

Clear, concise and profitable writing

Using StyleWriter will not only help you and your organization improve your writing, but it will also help you to focus on what you are actually writing. It will train you to reconsider the very reason for your writing and it’s purpose. Which will increase your own efficiencies. The latest StyleWriter now checks your text for over a million issues.  It’s become the style guide for Microsoft Word users.

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The download contains a Tutor to StyleWriter 4. We recommend you watch the Tutor’s videos to understand the program’s features.


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