StyleWriter – edit your writing and gain the Clear Writing Award

STYLEWRITER helps you gain the Clear writing Award

StyleWriter is our flagship product.  StyleWriter helps everyone write in clear, plain English.  We designed StyleWriter to put a plain English editor on every desk to show the authors how to write in clear, easy-reading style.   It changes the way business, government agencies and academia writes.  It breaks bad writing habits so common in workplace writing.

Use StyleWriter’s measures of a clear writing style.

    • Average Sentence – a key statistic
    • Passive Verbs – an overused style fault
    • Style Index – a measure of plain English style
    • Bog Index – a measure of all style and readability issues
    • Reading Grade – an improved, standard measure of writing.
    • Jargon – a measure of acronyms, jargon phrases and specialist words.
    • Glue – a measure of wordy style.
    • Pep – a measure of reader interest and engagement.
    • Clarity Index – a measure used to award the Clear English Style seal.

StyleWriter can measure the clarity of writing.  Using a database of 500,000 graded words and a 100,000 word, phrase, and pattern style guide, it accurately assesses the readability, clarity and style of your draft and give you a Clarity score.  A perfect score is 100.

StyleWriter’s Measures




Words 987
Average Sentence 14 Excellent 11 to 18
Passive Index 0 Excellent Up to 10
Style Index 0 Excellent Up to 15
Bog Index 0 Excellent Up to 15
Reading Grade 3.9 Very Easy Up to 10
Jargon 0% Excellent Up to 1%
Glue (Wordy) 36% Concise Up to 40%
Pep (interest and engagement) 30 Excellent Over 15
Clarity Index 100 Excellent Over 80

To place the award on your document you must score above 75 on the Clarity Index.

Our research consistently shows around 60 percent of organizational writing is poorly written and difficult to understand.  Only 10 per cent of the writing we check meets the plain English standard.  Simple and effective editing with StyleWriter changes most writing into plain English.

Here’s an example of the way business writes.

When commencing development work on unsecured portfolios, firms should align approaches to the Basel 3.1 draft rules, and be prepared to respond to any updates once the final rules are published, before submitting to the PRA. The experience of enforcing the ‘wave’ approach to stagger model change applications has historically impacted the quality of submissions to the PRA; the regulator has therefore also indicated that they may be open to being ‘industry-led’ in determining appropriate timelines for the submission of unsecured models.

It scores minus 42 on the Clarity Index.

StyleWriter’s Measures




Words 82
Average Sentence 41 Bad 11 to 18
Passive Index 60 Bad Up to 10
Style Index 170 Dreadful Up to 15
Bog Index 131 Dreadful Up to 15
Reading Grade 22 Very Difficult Up to 10
Jargon 3% Fair Up to 1%
Glue (Wordy) 46% Wordy Up to 40%
Pep (interest and engagement) 5 Poor Over 15
Clarity Index -42 Dreadful Over 80

Clear, concise and profitable writing

Using StyleWriter will not only help you and your organization improve your writing, but it will also help you to focus on what you are actually writing.

It will train you to reconsider the very reason for your writing and it’s purpose. Which will increase your own efficiencies.

The latest StyleWriter now checks your text for over a million issues.  It’s become the style guide for Microsoft Word users.

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