English and Language Arts Educator

English and Language Arts Educator’s review of the Clear Writing Club and StyleWriter:

” Having StyleWriter in college could have made all my writing assignments a lot more rewarding if I had this tutoring assistant to challenge me. For the person who likes to decide, self-evaluate one’s efforts, improve communication skills, and depends on a professional coach to inspire more expertise, StyleWriter offers a lot.

StyleWriter allows good writers to perfect their tool, challenging lifelong improvement to write with elegance and sophistication. In a non-judgmental way, StyleWriter reflects with knowledge one’s level as a writer and then points the way to write more simply, clearly and concretely. Even though I am a licensed educator of English and Language Arts, I find StyleWriter a helpful means to stay focused and polished. I really use StyleWriter; it’s the greatest tool!” English and Language Arts Educator.

Clear, concise and profitable writing

Using StyleWriter will not only help you and your organization improve your writing, but it will also help you to focus on what you are actually writing.

It will train you to reconsider the very reason for your writing and it’s purpose. Which will increase your own efficiencies.

The latest StyleWriter now checks your text for over a million issues.  It’s become the style guide for Microsoft Word users.

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