A Writer’s and Editor’s Checklist

A Writer's and Editor’s Checklist

Readers want specific and relevant information in a clear style.

Before you write: think about your aim, audience, content, and then order your information.

• Define your aim in a sentence – know why you are writing
• Decide on your audience – know your reader
• Collect your information – to match your aim and your audience
• Organize your information – to guide your readers

When you write: keep your style clear and concise

• Use short sentences – use the 10-20-40 rule
• Use active verbs – turn passive verbs into active verbs
• Use specific, picturable nouns – nouns are the content of writing
• Use strong, action verbs – verbs are the action in writing
• Avoid jargon – keep acronyms, coined words, and technical terms under control
• Avoid cliches – like the plague
• Avoid foreign expressions – write in English
• Make every word count – cut any word, phrase or sentence that’s not essential

After you’ve written: Edit your draft

• Edit vigorously – cut anything that’s not essential to your aim and your audience’s needs
• Proofread – check your spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency, and style
• Read through what you’ve written – make sure your writing flows.

Clear, concise and profitable writing

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