Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators

The Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators review of the Clear Writing Club and StyleWriter:

The Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators review of the Clear Writing Club and StyleWriter

“If the idea of having an unbiased, ever-alert, and knowledgeable companion to help you improve your writing appeals to you, then StyleWriter 4 is definitely worth befriending. At first you may find the volume of advice is daunting, but you have many choices for how deeply you edit, and they are all under your control. You can even ignore its advice, if you think that’s wise. That flexibility alone makes a compelling reason to have this editing tool on your desktop.”

The Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC) is the largest UK body representing information development professionals. It promotes better scientific and technical communication by:

  • Encouraging professional development
  • Sharing best practices and standards
  • Providing research resources
  • Providing networking opportunities for its members and industry affiliates
  • Promoting technical communication as a profession
  • Continuing professional development (CPD)

ISTC members come from virtually every industry and area of society within the UK, as well as internationally, who all need to communicate complex or important information effectively.

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When you take out membership to our Clear Writing Style  Club you can use the Clear Writing Style seal on your documents and websites.  Once a member, you can put the seal on as many documents as you want if they pass StyleWriter’s Clarity Check by scoring over 70 on the Clarity Index.

Clear, concise and profitable writing

Using StyleWriter will not only help you and your organization improve your writing, but it will also help you to focus on what you are actually writing. It will train you to reconsider the very reason for your writing and it’s purpose. Which will increase your own efficiencies. The latest StyleWriter now checks your text for over a million issues.  It’s become the style guide for Microsoft Word users.

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Download our 14-day free StyleWriter trial and use the Professional Edition to test your writing style.  StyleWriter will show you how to edit your documents into a clear style.  Once you have a Clarity Index over 70 and have joined the Clear Writing Club, you can use the Clear Writing Style Seal of Approval on your documents.

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