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Accountant Magazine’s review of the Clear Writing Club and StyleWriter:

Accountant Magazine’s review of the Clear Writing Club and StyleWriter

“Using StyleWriter is a real eye-opener. It gives instant analysis and ratings for style, sentence length and passive verbs. My style was consistently rated poor until I started to follow the program’s advice. Now my writing is consistently good and occasionally the program rates it as excellent.” Accountant Magazine

The Accountant is the “oldest accountancy journal in the world”. It was initially developed as a journal of accountancy issues in the UK, but has since expanded to cover broad global issues. Today, The Accountant is published monthly and reports on a range of topics, including changes in accounting standards, corporate reporting, audit quality, staff shortages, technology, IFRS, succession planning, tax and auditor liability.

The Accountant was established in 1874 as a journal for the accountancy profession. Its first publisher was Alfred Gee who wanted the publication to be independent. As the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales explains in its library database, Gee didn’t want the magazine to be affiliated with any professional body, although in 1890 ICAEW’s council encouraged its members to subscribe and submit articles for publication.

Clear, concise and profitable writing

Using StyleWriter will not only help you and your organization improve your writing, but it will also help you to focus on what you are actually writing.

It will train you to reconsider the very reason for your writing and it’s purpose. Which will increase your own efficiencies.

The latest StyleWriter now checks your text for over a million issues.  It’s become the style guide for Microsoft Word users.

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